Recommended Restaurant at Hua Hin

Most people go to Hua Hin because they want to relax. Besides the beach, they can also find delicious foods. As you know that "Hua Hin Night Market" is very popular among the tourists, there are many kinds of food and miscellaneous product. Here is one of popular restaurants in Hua Hin.

This restaurant is called "Koti". It is th oldest restaurant in Hua Hin. It's easy to find because its location is over the intersection night market on petchkasem road. It is opposite the night market. This restaurant is well-known so it's full of people everyday. This restaurant is suitable for the customers who have a patience because they have to wait a long time. A good point of Koti restaurant is clean. You can observe from the dishes, forks and spoons. The waiters will put all in boiled water for sterilizing and then serve to the customers.

Furthermore, "Koti" has many delicious dishes. There are three menu that the customers often order and these are the recommended dishes of this restaurant. First of all, "Fried Pomfret" is very popular menu here. It's served with braised leeks. It is one of tasty dishes for people who love eating fish and most of people who come here also order it. If you go there, don't miss this menu!

Another one is "Tom Yum Goong". This dish is a spicy shrimp soup. It has a good taste, not too spicy, so it's not surprising that both of Thai people and foreigners like it very much.

The last menu that will be recommened is spicy salad. You can choose your own kind salad such as nooddle salad, seafood salad and etc. it's mixed both of sour and spicy flavors. This dish is suitable for adults.

Nowadays, Koti has two branches, the first is above and the second is located on 94/2 Hua Hin Soi. It opens for lunch and dinner time, during 11.00 a.m.-16.00 p.m. and 18.00-22.00 p.m.

In summary, Koti is the restaurant that the tourists or people who go to Hua Hin, shouldn't miss or should try at least once. I comfirm that you will impress this restaurant for sure.

By Kamolrat Nitithana *51420032*

Interesting Hua Hin Night Market

Have you ever been to Hua Hin? If you talk about Hua Hin, most people will think about the beach only. But there are many other interesting places. Hua Hin Night Market is one of the places that you mustn't miss. It's very popular among tourists, both Thais and foreigners. It is located in the centre of the town and runs up from Petchkasem Road to the railway line. It opens daily from early evening to late night.

Coming here, you will see many stalls lining along the waliking streets. There are many kinds of food, such as Thai food, Italian food, Indian food and Japanese food. These make the visitors enjoyable. About the foods, Pad Thai, Fried Mussel, and Pork Satay are the delicious dishes. If you want to taste them, you must queue up because many people love them too. So it takes a long time to wait. Going a few steps, you will see a seafood stall. It has yummy shrimp and crab too. If you carry on walking, you will see Hua Hin Terrace in the midst on your left hand. In front of it, there is a Japanese food stalls that is very remarkable because a chef has complete set of clothes as a chef in a restaurant and each dish looks really tasty. Moreover, Rotee stall is very popular. It's always full of people waiting. It's not expensive and especially it's very tasty. If you come here, these stalls are recommended.

In addition, there are a variety of local handicrafts, souvenirs and clothes on sale, for example, sea shells earrings, hand made hair clips and key chains. At hand made key chain shop, you can make an order to write your name on a rice seed. It makes a nicer key chain. About the clothes, they are very beautiful, most of them are beach styles. Furthermore, there are many miscellaneous stalls such as slippers, post card, sunglasses, movie CD stalls and home decorations are on sale as well. Maybe prices can be a bit more expensive than other but they still represent good value for customers.

To sum up, this is an interesting place in Hua Hin and it is one of choices for the tourists to visit. It's suitable for people who love eating and shopping so much. I assure that you will get impressed and also love it.

(By Kamolrat Nitithana #51420032)